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Well, I was forced to be mostly on OneWorld for the recent long trip, flying all long haul (10h+) parts with Cathay. Yikes, the seats in economy!


  • no recline wars, though I rarely feel invaded, except I need to prepare a few slides last minute
  • power plug in each seat
  • the in-seat video screen is the best I seen so far


  • no real recline, the slider just parameterizes where it hurts your back
  • very thin padding, after 4hours it hurts
  • the airbag in the seatbelt is awkward and honestly did somebody check its effectiveness?
  • the Windows CE backend for the the IFE is just horrifyingly slow
  • the seats are horrifyingly ugly - that has nothing to do with taste, they are just ugly

I guess I am not alone with my opinion

Btw. the new Space+ layout in Air New Zealand 737s is great.

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